Write Your Book in 90 Days

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The C.R.E.A.T.E. Your Book Now Blueprint is an online course course that guides busy entrepreneurs like you through the process of becoming self-published authors without writing a single word.

Our professional team of writers, marketers, and coaches, will help you quickly create authority by teaching you how to ….

  • Create your book without spending months and years staring at a blank page
  • Understand the exact topics that will attract your perfect client to your book
  • Position your book to turn a profit from your business
  • Learn the psychology behind an eye-catching book cover that causes readers to click
  • Get a working knowledge of the Amazon search engine
  • Get unstuck and publish your book without pain
  • Create a winning a promotion and launch strategy
  • Create opportunities to network and work with other aspiring authorpreneurs
  • Connect you with readers who have never heard of you, but will eventually become fans, advocates and clients
  • You have no more excuses.
  • Your readers are waiting for you to change their lives and they don’t even know it.

Take your first step toward writing your book today.

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When your book ….